Anxiety can leave us feeling nervous, worried, low and sometimes panicky! Do you find yourself second-guessing, doubting your decisions, and yourself? This can lower our confidence which then adds to anxiety resulting in more self-doubt in our ability to handle situations.

Anxiety can be described as a bully, the more you listen to it, pay attention, and zoom in on the intrusive thoughts the stronger it gets. Imagine a tree and the branches venturing off taking over and overtime growing bigger, stronger, and more deep-rooted into the ground. As the tree branches off, the anxiety floods each and every area – which commonly impacts confidence and then stems into Social Anxiety.

To overcome this takes acknowledgment off the thoughts, worries and potential fears. It takes work to dig deeper into the roots of the tree and uplift them from our subconscious and the other thoughts that commonly race through our mind at 100mph.

Write them down journal them when they come up – Write the feeling down with it – Write down your behaviour and how you commonly react.

Notice patterns in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how this can interlink making this thought stronger due to your feelings and how you respond.

Ask yourself is this fact or opinion of myself? Where is the evidence? What other times have I succeeded or can counteract this negative thought?

Make a list of various examples, situations that you can branch of into as we are rewiring your brain to focus on the helpful, more positive and truthful facts about yourself to develop your confidence – not the mind bully!

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