Phones, gadgets and spending time on the internet have increasingly been a substiture for face to face interaction and emotional fulfillment. The brain is stimulated from technology, and experiences less social interaction with people which can then have a detrimental impact on communication skills, empathy and their thought process.

This is becoming common in teens and young adults who prefer texting methods of communication opposed to face to face – as a result they tend to avoid face to face communication, prefer ‘small talk’ over a conversation as they do not know how to, as a result this can stagnate their development into an adult.

Social media and constantly using the internet to communicate can negatively impact communication, it has become an obstacle and can lead into social anxiety as information we need are at our fingertips of our phones and laptops. ‘Connecting’ is the new form of developing relationships, both personal and sometimes professional and when the person is ready to pull away or the conversation does not serve them, they can simply log off the app or their laptop, and not reply to the person.

Time for a change.

Limit your screen time and social media time. Track how many hours you are spending on your phone a day and ask yourself ‘what am I gaining from this’. Go outside in nature and observe your surroundings and people, say Hi to passers by. Build your confidence and engage in people around you, naturally it may feel uncofmrtable at first, however to reduce loneliness put yourself out of your comfort zone, build new personal relationships and speak to people face to face.

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