The definition of resilience is adapting and how we respond to stress and misfortune. By responding positively, it is most likely we will not take the hit as hard emotionally opposed to getting upset, frustrated and angry. Difficulties can be long-term that you may face, such as addition or financial struggles. It could also be distressing such as an illness that could be life threatening, ongoing problems at work, a boss who is a bully or seeing someone take the last Krispy Crème doughnut.

From smaller problems to life-changing ones, resilience is in the way you respond.

So how do we build it?

#1 Let Yourself Feel Cr*p Once in A While.

True resilience doesn’t mean you never get discouraged. If you never encounter painful struggle, you never get to discover your resilience. This is why pain is almost universal among the resilient—it happens.

Therefore, resilience isn’t about masking your pain and pretending everything is peachy—you’re human, not a machine. In short, what matters isn’t how you feel in the moment, it’s that you overcome it and stand back up. That’s resilience.

#2 Only YOU Are In Control Of Your Future.

The  internal locus of control, meaning if you believe you are in the driver seat, not your external factors or circumstances, only you, you may find you regain control of your present and future due to your current decisions. You make a choice every day at each point throughout the day, that choice determines your mindset and your present and future. Do not look at your present as a deterring factor

#3 Keep your values at the centre

Strong ethics and morality seems to give purpose to our lives, which in turn gives rise to resilience. So maybe those doughnut was not something to get worked up over? Pick your battles, flip your thoughts and notice your mood change instantly.

#4 Set Realistic and Challenging Goals.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment if you are not willing to put work in the get the results you want. You’re only building your expectations however will end up feeling low due to failure. Set realistic and achievable goals and build yourself to where you want to be. As you tick this off your list, watch your confidence grow too.



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