• Taking the time to grieve

Allowing yourself to feel your emotions due to the loss – forming an attachment with someone virtually or in-person can be exciting – however when it doesn’t work out it can be painful and bring up a lot of unwanted emotions

It’s okay to feel hurt and sad, as it is natural to form a bond, regardless of whether it was short- term, virtual or long term and you spent a lot of time together.  

  • Watch entertaining and empowering content

Start doing those things you always wanted to do, make your goal list, binge watch your favorite tv programme 

  • stop overthinking

Stop questioning yourself over your decisions and also the what if’s. 

That is a vicious cycles and will become toxic to your health and wellbeing 

Instead, focus and remember what made you leave the relationship and why. The unhealthy signs that were there, the red flags, the reason the relationship ended. Focus on what you can learn from the breakup and the learning experience. 

at the first place, what unhealthy signs you ignored just because you were too afraid of losing the person, did you notice any red flags in the relationship, what you do not want to allow in your future relationships. It is always important to remember that a break-up can actually make up for all the lessons that you never thought you needed. So keep the eyes open.

  • Find You Again

Think back to the person you were before the relationship, the things you enjoyed 

How to fix relationship problems through a pandemic

Be present


Clarify what your partner is saying, don’t assume. 

Respond calmly

Do not talk over each other 

Recognise when a relationship is unhealthy and what needs to find solutions or more forward. 

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