We are often dependent upon others for our happiness, our security, this can be emotionally, financially and even our safety and this can turn to look to others to fulfill our needs. This can be dangerous as we can end up hurt, disappointed, and depleted due to our expectations not being met. We may find ourselves in conflict when those who are judgemental abusive and critical to us and it can be hard to cut those attachments due to the feeling of needing these people in our lives for whatever reason and satisfying our own needs. This can lead to us giving a lot of ourselves including our emotional energy which can be draining and exhausting. This could be to them happy, to keep the peace, to make them stay in our lives (because we think we need them).On the other hand, those who uplift, are supportive and caring are most likely to make us feel satisfied. #anxiety #depression #lowselfesteem #wickford #essex #counselling #cbt

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