Motivation: You are motivated and enjoy what you do.

Emotional Responsibility: You have a calm and focused approach. You notice difficult emotions but you work with them rather than letting them overcome you.

Positive Mindset: Ability to remain positive when you encounter setbacks. You hold positive regard for yourself and others.

Self-Awareness: You know what you are good at, how you look and sound to others. You acknowledge that you don’t expect to be perfect.

Eagerness To Develop: You enjoy new challenges, treating each day as a learning experience. You take new discoveries to new experiences.

Health and Energy: You are in touch with your body and respect it. You deal and manage stressful situations without becoming ill.

Taking Risks: Ability to act when faced with uncertainty. You can put yourself forward even if you do not have the answers or skills to get things right the first time.

Sense of Purpose: You have chosen a theme or purpose in your life and have an increasing sense of continuity for the different parts.

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