Addiction is something we cannot physically see, it can be extremely difficult for close ones to understand and it can destroy relationships, marriages and can travel through generations of families.

It could be a parent, sibling, friend, child or partner that could be battling with substance misuse, whoever it is, it can damage your relationship and you can feel as though you are losing that person.

Here’s how best to help yourself and those you love.

  1. Seek Out Support

Join a support group or refer to therapy. There is plenty of professional help and support online that can help both yourself reading this or your loved one. Addiction can be very complex and uncomfortable to talk about. By communication, talking and sharing how you feel may be more helpful than you think. Whatever you do, don’t walk this journey alone.

  1. Practice Self Care

Look after yourself first, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Stress can build up, therefore it is essential to look after your emotional and physical health due to the detrimental effects stress and worry can have. Long walks are great, surround yourself with nurturing friends, watch films, do things you enjoy. These may seem mundane but they will list your mood and give your mind peace it is longing for.

  1. Pace Yourself

 Another person’s will is ultimately beyond our power. Until they are ready to get help do your best to stay firm. You’re remaining a supportive presence. Remember, recovery is a long journey that can’t be rushed and it takes time.


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