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Counselling Essex


Sometimes life can hurl difficulties our way which can become overwhelming to deal with, whilst most of the time we are able to manage, the challenges can leave us depleted, stuck and confused. Our life can often be so busy we do not have the time to think clearly and invest in our own wellbeing. 

Counselling can help us restore and reconnect by having a safe space to explore these difficulties, gain an insight and also acceptance.

Counselling is a confidential space where you can share and explore your concerns and uncensored thoughts that may be troubling you. Our therapy rooms provide you with a sense of security to share these problems and explore them collaboratively with your counsellor.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Essex

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can also be combined within therapy for those feeling stuck, deflated and work on empowering you to gain back control of your life.

Do you feel restricted by anxiety, worry and low mood? Therapy can help you explore how these difficulties developed and identify how it is being maintained, and then we can work to identify solutions to break this unhelpful cycle.

I aim to develop with you a tailored treatment plan that will equip you with lifelong tools to manage your difficulties and lead to you feel more fulfilled and less impacted by worry, anxiety and low mood.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Essex

Cosmetic Therapy Assessment

Working alongside nationwide cosmetic surgery companies, I offer therapeutic patient assessments and counselling. This is to support the patient, ensure they are prepared and identify any risk that may be presented. Additionally what can be expected within the patient journey experience.

Sessions for short-term therapy typically last for up to six sessions for a difficulty you would like to focus on. Long-term therapy may be more suitable if you would like to make significant changes. There is no cap on sessions for long-term therapy.

Individual One on One Therapy – 50 minutes
Telephone Therapy – 50 minutes