Many women today are feeling the pressure to have it all together. This can mean different desires for each individual woman and everyones list may look different. However most commonly, women want to excel in every aspect of their life and chase success. After speaking to women working in investment banking, full-time mothers, students, entrepreneurs and friends, I noticed they all had a common denominator- they were striving for this level of perfectionism in each of their roles. Not only were they juggling their role as a full-time mother, student or employee, they had many other goals and dreams outside of that. Which is excellent!


However, many of these women were not content, they were searching for the next thing or person to fill that void and to tick of this imaginary list most women refer to globally.

The pressure develops from an unspoken list of

  1. Finding a fulfilling job that we love with supportive colleagues. Not to mention a job where they offer a long maternity leave period and have our job to come back to…with a promotion!
  2. Finding ‘The One’.
  3. Figuring out if ‘This One’ is the person you would like to have a baby with
  4. Figuring out if you actually want a baby
  5. Gone travelling
  6. Completed and fulfilled all dreams and aspirations before you have a baby and that can’t be done when we are older.
  7. Get a mortgage and have a sufficient amount of savings.

Women are chasing after a goal, when they hit this milestone, the good feeling quickly subsides and they are still dissatisfied. They are running in circles with no real feeling of contentment ever being built.

 So when will it stop? When will you give yourself the chance to slow down, stop, breathe and enjoy life for the present, not chasing this uncertain happiness of the future?

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