Social Tiredness
This can be feeling exhausted from going out, with friends, almost daily, coming home and feeling extremely tired

Physical tiredness
You feel physical tiredness in the body. Noticeable symptoms such as in the arms, arms feel heavy, body is tired. Feeling weary. This can also be caused by lack of sleep or poor diet.

We feel emotions on various complex levels throughout life. This can take a toll on us if we are constantly feeling sadness, fear, helpless. Dealing with this for a long time can develop prolonged stress and reduction in energy

Mental tiredness
Does your mind feels cloudy?
This impact decisions and your performance. Also your long term memory.
This can cause stress and burnout – leading to behaviour changes.
Social withdrawal and can end up neglecting responsibilities

Physical mental emotional build up overtime. Everything serves no purpose
Impact goals and working towards goals. Nothing feels satisfactory or that you cannot enjoy anything.
Everyday feels bad

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